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AC Hydraulic Sleeve Hose Fitting

AC Hydraulic Sleeve Hose Fitting

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Product Features


BSPT Female Tee GT-PK fittings


Carton Box,Wooden Case,Pallets or Customize Package


 High Quality Carbon Steel ,Stainless Steel

Quality System: 



Oilfield Applications

Snow making Applications

Aircraft refueling Applications

 Fire Applications

 Petroleum Applications

Paint Spray Applications

 Washdown Applications

Steam Applications

 Waterblast Applications

 Anhydrous Ammonia Applications

Chemical Applications

Pressure Washer Hose

Machine tools and industrial plants

Agricultural machines


Lifting/aerial Platforms/Cranes


Sleeve Tee Fitting Hydraulic Hose Fittings

1. Quick installation, simplicity and dexterity, saving space
2. Various types to meet the needs of any pneumatic pipe layout
3. Even after installation, the plastic pipe body can be turned at will
4. The release ring adopts oval design, which is more labor-saving and convenient to disassemble
5. All taper pipe threads are precoated with polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) leak proof adhesive with good sealing performance


1.Make sure that the cut surface of the pipe is vertical, there is no scar around the pipe, and the pipe does not form an oval shape.
2. The pipe must be inserted into the bottom of the fitting when inserting the pipe. If the pipe is not inserted in the end, it may lead to air leakage.
3. After the pipe is connected and installed, it is necessary to pull the pipe to confirm that the pipe cannot be pulled out, and matters needing attention when disassembling the wood:
4. Use appropriate tools and use the outer hexagon part of the pipe connector to remove the pipe connector
5. Remove the sealing material adhered to the other side of the fitting.Otherwise the adhesive sealing material may enter the peripheral components and cause failure
If you need a custom cut hose length, private brand labeling, safety and application training, or resources for your hydraulic hose assembly, contact the Yober Customer Service Team.

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