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Analysis on Installation Standards and Features of Card-Sleeve Type Quick Joint

by:Yober     2021-04-22

What are the installation standards for card sleeve type quick connectors:

1. The pre-installation force should not be too large. There are mainly ferrule type longitudinal pipe joints, ferrule end longitudinal through connectors, ferrule type three-way pipe joints and other types.

The exact method should be what kind of joint body is used to connect one end of the pipe, and the corresponding connection end shall be pre-assembled with the same type of joint, so as to avoid leakage problems as much as possible. The detailed method is to use a joint body as the mother body, and press the nut and the ferrule onto the pipe. Joints with small pipe diameters can be pre-assembled at the length of the vise. If the ferrule deforms severely during pre-installation, the sealing effect will be lost. After the pipe is sawn, it should be smoothed on a grinding wheel and other tools, and the burrs should be removed, cleaned and blown with high-pressure air before use. A special pre-installed device is generally required.

2. The end of the pipe should be flush. Even for the same batch of goods from the same manufacturer, the depths of the tapered holes on these types of joint bodies are often different, resulting in leakage, and this problem is often overlooked. The inner blade of the ferrule should be exactly embedded in the outer wall of the pipe, and the ferrule should not be significantly deformed.

3. When pre-installing, try to keep the coaxiality between the pipe and the joint body. If the pipe is too deviated, it will cause the seal to fail.

4. The pre-assembly of the ferrule type pipe joint is an important link, which directly affects the reliability of the seal. The tightening force of φ6-10mm ferrule is 64-115N, φ16mmr 259N, and φ18mm is 450N. When the pipeline is connected, it is assembled according to the specified tightening force.

5. When connecting the pipeline, it should be tightened at one time to avoid multiple disassembly, otherwise the sealing function will be deteriorated.

6. When connecting pipelines, make sure that the pipes have enough deformation margin to avoid tensile stress on the pipes.

7. It is forbidden to add sealant and other fillers.

8. When connecting pipelines, avoid lateral force. Excessive lateral force may cause loose sealing. In order to achieve a better sealing effect, some people apply sealant on the ferrule. As a result, the sealant is flushed into the hydraulic system, causing failures such as blockage of the orifice of the hydraulic component.

Characteristics of card sleeve pipe joints:

The card sleeve type pipe joint has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use and no need for welding. After many years of practice, we have summarized some experiences and achieved good results. However, in the medium and high pressure hydraulic system, improper operation will often cause leakage, which will affect its popularization and use. The steel pipe should be 20# fine drawn pipe with stress relief annealing, which will help the inner blade of the ferrule to be embedded into the outer surface of the steel pipe and play a reliable sealing role.

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