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Application of hydraulic quick coupling

by:Yober     2021-04-18

What is a hydraulic pneumatic quick coupling?

Hydraulic Pneumatic Quick Couplings Hydraulic quick couplings are designed for special heavy loads. The material of the female joints is chrome-plated steel. The lock sleeves of the male joints and the female joints are hardened, with good pressure resistance and fatigue resistance: two-stage sealing , No leakage: with safety self-locking function. This joint is a joint that does not require the use of tools, but can also realize the rapid assembly and disassembly of the pipeline. It has two structures: open and closed at both ends and open at both ends.

The open-close quick joint at both ends is composed of a joint body, a check valve core, a jacket, a steel ball, a spring and a seal. There is a check valve in the inner cavity of the joint body. When the two joint bodies are separated, the check valve spool extends out under the action of their respective springs and presses against the tapered hole of the joint body to close the passage. , The oil in the pipes on both sides is enclosed in the pipe and cannot flow out; when the two joint bodies are connected, the two ejector rods at the front end of the check valve core collide, forcing the valve core to leave the tapered hole of the joint body, so The oil is connected, and the two joint bodies are locked by steel balls. When working, the jacket presses the steel balls into the U-shaped groove of the joint body under the action of the spring to connect the joint bodies.

This kind of joint is easy to disassemble, but the structure is more complicated, and the local resistance loss is large. It is suitable for the pipeline system with oil and gas as the medium. The difference between the open-ended quick connector at both ends and the open-closed type at both ends is that there is no one-way valve in the inner cavity of the joint, and the passage cannot be closed when the two joint bodies are separated. One end of the joint is connected to the hose by a three-part hose joint, and the joint core of the hose joint is directly inserted into the quick joint.

Application of hydraulic quick coupling

This product is used in construction equipment, forest equipment, agricultural machinery, hydraulic machinery, oil field equipment, steel equipment, mining hydraulic machinery, hydraulic fluid pipelines, chemical equipment, hydraulic jack components, hydraulic pipeline accessories, high-pressure washing equipment, Carpet cleaning equipment, cooling pipeline application, food processing, fluid dye production line, automotive industry. Mining industry, paper mills, garbage compressor applications, road compressors, factory hydraulic systems, steel plant oil well drilling equipment, power output devices, cryogenic engineering, drilling tools, rescue equipment, high-pressure power plants.
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