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Application of Hydraulic Quick Coupling in Hydraulic Shearer for Fire Fighting

by:Yober     2021-04-12

Compression shearing device: This equipment is mainly used for cutting objects at rescue sites, and has a quick joint design, which has fast action, sensitive control, low vibration, easy operation, and obvious effect in handling various car accidents. The 20-meter-long hydraulic hose is convenient for long-distance operations. The equipment is suitable for various rescue situations.

Working pressure is 630 bar, maximum cutting force: 18T, maximum jaw opening stroke: 20 cm, hydraulic pipe length: 20m. During the earthquake, it was able to quickly demolish the construction costs during the rescue by Dongqi Middle School, Xiang'exiang Primary School, Juyuan Middle School, etc., competing for time for rescue, and rescued countless flowers of the motherland.

Hydraulic multifunctional pliers: Suitable for multiple functions such as shearing and expansion at rescue sites. In the earthquake, it can reflect the fast and orderly rescue work, which saves a lot of rescue time and reduces the complicated rescue process. An elderly person over 60 was rescued at the rescue point of the hospital during the earthquake.

Hydraulic expander: This equipment is mainly used for cutting, expanding, shrinking, clamping and impacting, pushing up and other aspects of objects at rescue sites. It also has a quick connector design, simple operation and flexible control. It is suitable for handling car accidents, Collapse, earthquake disaster, etc. The 20-meter-long hydraulic hose is convenient for long-distance operation. The working pressure is 630 bar, the operating voltage: 230V, the maximum expansion force: 18T, the maximum expansion stroke of the jaw: 80 cm, the maximum traction force: 18T, the maximum traction stroke: 80 cm, the maximum Shearing force: 18T, maximum jaw opening stroke: 20cm, hydraulic pipe length: 20m, power cord 10.5m.
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