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Causes of air leakage in quick couplings and their solutions

by:Yober     2021-04-28

Products made of stainless steel are deeply loved by the masses due to their many excellent characteristics such as corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. In people's daily life, we are all inseparable from stainless steel products. It is indispensable in all major fields. It is also inevitable in the use of quick couplings, so what is the main reason for the leakage of quick couplings?

1. Sharing a sealing ring, no matter if the air is closed or deflated. Both sides of the sealing ring are under pressure respectively, and the rubber ring is seriously deformed and easily damaged; when the air is closed, under the combined action of spring force and high pressure gas, the rubber soft joint and the bowl-shaped sealing ring are in linear contact. The sealing pressure is increased and it is not easy to leak. At the same time, the bowl-shaped sealing net is backed by a seat with a positioning flange, which is not easy to shift and has little deformation. When ventilating, the male connector opens the spool. The function of the quick connector is not only to connect the air source conveniently and quickly, but also to be safe and reliable.

2. The end face of the male end of the rubber soft joint is in contact with the end face of the rubber ring, and the sealing pressure is relatively small. In addition, if the end face is not flat, it is easy to leak.

Choose the appropriate quick connector according to different fields:

1. Quick couplings are divided into pneumatic quick couplings, hydraulic quick couplings, and mold quick couplings according to their purpose.

2. Pneumatic quick couplings are mainly used for pneumatic equipment, jigs, and air pipes in workshops. Of course, there are also a small number of plastic factories or mold factories that are used to transport water to the mold. The cost is low, but it cannot withstand water temperatures above 60 degrees. The service life is not long and it is easy to break. It is not used to transport water. The material is copper + plastic. The pneumatic connector has teeth at one end and a trachea at the other end.

3. Hydraulic quick couplings are mainly used in equipment or machinery. They are mainly used to transport water and oil. Some molds are also useful in places with high pressure. The materials are copper, carbon steel, iron, and stainless steel. Teeth are 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 1, 1.2, 1.5, 2, etc. There are female and female heads.

4. Mould quick connectors are mainly used for forming molds, such as plastic molds, die-casting molds, blow molding molds, etc. It is divided into male and female heads. Generally, the male head is connected to the mold and the female head is connected to the water pipe.

5. Quick joint is a joint that can realize pipeline connection or disconnection without auxiliary tools.

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