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Disassembly and maintenance methods of rotary joints

by:Yober     2021-04-07

When using a rotary joint, it is necessary to install, disassemble and repair in the correct way to ensure the normal operation of the joint and prolong its service life. The scope of application of rotary joints is different, and should be selected according to actual needs.

Before disassembly, you need to cut off the power of the equipment to stop the equipment, remove the rotary joint from the equipment, and place it on the workbench; remove the metal hose or transition joint and transition flange connected to the rotary joint; On the workbench, disassemble the rotary joint, take out the internal parts, and then perform maintenance.

During maintenance, the graphite sealing ring is the main internal seal. The convex spherical surface of the outer tube in contact with the graphite sealing ring forms a sealing surface, and the bottom cover plane in contact with the graphite sealing ring forms a sealing surface. ; Check the convex spherical surface of the outer tube and the bottom surface of the bottom cover for cracks, partial wear, rust and other defects.

For the scratches on the sealing surface, you can use frosting (oil sand) or sandpaper to grind, and for irreparable defects, you need to replace and repair; observe the friction surface of the sealing surface of the graphite sealing ring of the rotary joint.

Check the defects of partial grinding, three-point contact or seal disconnection and discontinuity. If the sealing ring is found to be worn or cracked, cracked or damaged, it should be replaced in time; if there are impurities in the liquid circulating medium, the circulating medium should be removed in time And add a filter screen in the pipeline, the filtering accuracy is not less than 50 microns.

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