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End Cap for a Hydraulic Fitting

by:Yober     2020-06-03
An end cap for an open end of a hydraulic fitting using a peripheral flange could be provided by a threaded ring coupled with a threaded insert. The threaded insert could be rotatably engaged your threaded ring to do everything axially back and forth. The threaded insert has a forward end face may engage the open end of the hydraulic fitting to close the hydraulic fitting end or to couple with the item. The threaded ring includes a locking member to embrace and engage the peripheral flange. The finish cap can be utilized to prevent loss of oil from the hydraulic fitting during service of equipment on which the hydraulic fitting is utilized, and for other purposes. There are several types of circumstances in so it may be desirable to close or seal the open end of a hydraulic, pneumatic or other fitting. For example, when hydraulic equipment such as a construction vehicle or if the like, is being serviced, oil-filled hydraulic lines, pipes and fittings are often disassembled during service and maintenance programs. Much of the oil, or other working fluid, could be drained from every one of these components without undue difficulty but a residue will often remain within the lines, pipes or fittings. This residual oil is liable to drip or drain from open fitting ends during service procedures, and may contaminate equipment surfaces, floors and other surfaces in the vicinity of in order to area creating dirty, slippery and perhaps dangerous conditions. It is accordingly desirable to produce an end cap to close such open ends that can sometimes manipulated in an application bay, a workshop or in the field and can be assembled with an ended fitting to seal or seal it either by manual manipulation or by using simple tools. The presence of an annular flange around the end of some fittings may complicate the conclusion closure problem. To attempt to unravel this problem it is known to make a plastic cap to cover the fitting edge. One example of such a plastic cap is a simple, lightweight, dish-shaped resilient cap a close fit about the flanged pipe end and has a modest retaining lip engagesble under the flange. Such plastic caps appear staying intended to keep out dirt and may retain some oil within the pipe they may quit satisfactory for some purposes because might readily removed and should not hold pressure. These shortcomings can be problematic in some cases, for example when it is desired to pressurize a flanged hydraulic fitting for test purposes or other reasons. Nevertheless, there can be a need for an end cap that is proven to cap a flanged hydraulic fitting and which can are employed in a hydraulic equipment service facility and for other purposes. The foregoing description of background art may include insights, discoveries, understandings or disclosures, or associations together of disclosures, that were mysterious to the relevant art prior to the current invention but which were provided by the invention. Some such contributions of the invention may have been specifically pointed out herein, whereas other such contributions of the invention will be apparent from their context. Merely web site document may are cited here, no admission is made that the field of the document, which may be quite different from which the invention, is analogous to industry or fields for the present invention. The locking member can define utilizing threaded ring a lateral opening to receive the hydraulic fitting annular flange in the direction transverse towards axis. If desired, the threaded ring can comprise a side wall as well as the locking member can consist of a forward part of the side wall. In another aspect, the invention the two-piece end cap for an open flanged end of every hydraulic pipe or hose fitting, the finish cap comprising a ring having a slot and an internal thread, wherein the ring can slide over the flange in a direction radially of the hydraulic fitting when using the slot in the ring receiving and accommodating the flanging of the flanged end and comprising a threaded plug wherein the threaded plug can be screwed into the ring to seal the open flanged end of the hydraulic fitting. The hydraulic fitting can comprise a hydraulic pipe or hose end fitting and the invention includes a hydraulic system comprising the hydraulic fitting as well as an end cap in line with the invention wherein finish cap caps the hydraulic fitting.
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