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Find Method of Hydraulic Fittings Failure

by:Yober     2020-06-02
First of all hydraulic fittings system diagram can find fault in the hydraulic fittings system troubleshooting chart analysis, the main methods are the 'two' - that is, grasp the source of energy (pump) and the implementation of the ingredients (cylinders, motors), then 'even the middle' from the power source to the actuator through the piping and control between the components. 'Grasping both ends', the failure to evaluate whether the pumps, tanks and motor itself. 'Even the middle' of period in addition to spend attention to the area failure to connect in the connected with hydraulic fittings, but also special attention to figure out the system from one state to another state when the work of which control method is used to control whether the signal error, to address physical, one by one check, be aware to all item oil line and also the main oil line between the control circuit and connected between the accessibility to mutual interference the outcome of the wrong, if mutual interference, to check out how to use adjustment error and so on. Second, cause and effect diagram could be used to find hydraulic fittings failure. Use cause and effect diagram (also because fishbone chart) analysis, hydraulic fittings equipment malfunction on the analysis of both primary and secondary reason for trouble to find out quickly, but also accumulated experience in troubleshooting. Cause and effect diagram analysis can be that are used to find fault with the maintenance and removing the closely linked, contain been widely being used. The third iron spectrum technology could be applied to the hydraulic fittings system fault diagnosis and condition monitoring. Ferrography Wear and mechanically as the basic starting point, by means of hydraulic fittings oil in iron spectrometer to wear particles and other pollution particles separated, and spectrum of films made of iron, and then placed in iron spectral microscope or scanning electron microscopy under observation, or by size of the order of deposition in the glass tube, the utilizing optical methods of detection. By this analysis, the system can accurately possess the important information related to wear. Accordingly, further abrasion, wear state monitoring, diagnosis breakdown precursor, and finally to system failure prediction. Iron spectrum technology can be rubbed into hydraulic fittings system oil pollution detection, monitoring, analysis and wear process fault diagnosis, and has an intuitive, accurate, information and more advantages. Therefore, he has donrrrt mechanical engineering analysis of hydraulic fittings system faults really powerful tool for diagnosis. Finally, the equipment can be that would find self-diagnosis of hydraulic fittings failure. As electronic technology will continue to develop, present, many medium and large construction machinery, using computer control, with the interface circuit and sensor technology, self-diagnosis of its hydraulic fittings system, and displayed on the screen, use, maintenance person can display the contents of fault troubleshooting. Hydraulic fittings principle, which is containing two cylinders many sizes and composition of liquid on the inside vat full of liquid water or oil. Sufficient water is called 'hydraulic fittings'; filled is termed as 'hydraulic fittings tools.' Each of the two liquid vat slip a piston, the piston in a good small increase if accomplishing an exercise value of pressure, according to Pascal's law, small piston to the pressure of passing with liquid pressure to a large piston on the top of big piston. Based cross-sectional area of small piston is S1, plus an acceptable piston downward pressure on F1. Thus, small piston to the liquid pressure is P = F1/SI, to different level to be liquid to pass everywhere. 'Suffered great pressure Huose must also equal P. If the cross sectional area is large Huosai S2, pressure P generated by a long piston upward pressure F2 = PxS2, cross-sectional area is a small multiple for the piston cross-sectional area. from the type known in the small piston plus a lesser force, then the piston will be very large large force, this hydraulic fittings press seemed to suppress the plywood, oil extraction, extraction weight, forging steel and so on.
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