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Functional characteristics of quick couplings

by:Yober     2021-04-19

As a manufacturer of quick couplings and stainless steel quick couplings, Baixin quick couplings have been operating for so many years and have won praise from a batch of customers. So what are the functional characteristics of the quick connector?

Functional characteristics of quick connectors:

1. Exchange function: air pressure, hydraulic tools, air cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, and metal mold-related machinery attachments.

Maintenance function: maintenance of the cooling device of the computer and the oil cylinder of the die-casting machine.

2. Test function: test of vacuum, pressure resistance, leakage, operation, etc.

3. Quick connector conveying function: conveying, handling and conducting functions of bolts, nuts and other solids.

4. Filling function: inert gas, nitrogen, PG, carbonic acid.

5. Connection function: fixed parts for fishing rods, compact compact discs, connection for mobile operations and purposes other than fluid transportation.
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