We professionally supply high quality hose and fittings.

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How about Yober shipping services?
Suzhou Yober Environmental Tech Co.,Ltd. renders professional shipping services. We have co-operated with reliable and experienced third-party-logistics companies to handle the shipping of our global business. And inside our company, we have established a mature shipment management system. Before the shipment, we carefully treat not only the printing of packing and shipping slips but also the various sizes of boxes or packages to avoid any shipping damage. More importantly, we always make sufficient communication with customers as to how their packages were shipped and when to expect it.

Yober has devoted many years to the development, design, production and sales of professional hydraulic adapter. Yober's hydraulic ferrule series contains multiple sub-products. Yober hydraulic crimp fittings will be tested strictly. The agents used in it such as dyestuff, accessory ingredient, softening agent, and the antistatic agent will be carefully tested to guarantee safe and harmless. It is reputable for capability in absorbing shock in mechanical shock and jolts. When people order this product for their company, they find it to work perfectly and, more importantly, they will find it to last you for a long time. The product can be used repeatedly without loss of strength or sacrifice of sealing quality.

We are committed to integrating responsible business practices into all our activities, not just with words and statements, but also with action and deeds.
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