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How to choose the spring material in the rotary joint?

by:Yober     2021-04-11

The spring material used in the rotary joint should be selected according to factors such as the nature of the spring load, size specifications, working stress, use requirements, working conditions, use of fluid media, service life, and price.

When determining the cross-sectional size and shape of the spring material of the rotary joint, standard sizes and specifications should be used, and non-standard materials should be avoided. Rotary joint cold drawn materials not only have high strength, good surface quality, and simple manufacturing process.

Therefore, for small and medium-sized springs or springs with high fatigue life requirements, cold-drawn or cold-drawn spring steel wires should be used as much as possible. Lead quenched cold drawn carbon spring steel wire has good surface quality, high strength and good plasticity.

The disadvantage is that in the forming process, due to the large residual stress generated by cold drawing, the size changes greatly after low temperature tempering, which affects the dimensional accuracy of the spring. The oil quenched and tempered steel wire has no residual stress, and the dimensional accuracy of the cold formed spring of the rotary joint is easy to control.

After low temperature tempering, the dimensional change is small, especially because there is no residual stress, and its relaxation resistance is better than that of lead quenched cold drawn steel wire. Therefore, for compression springs with smaller wire diameters, lead-quenched cold drawn carbon spring steel wires should be used, and for springs with larger cold-formed sizes and springs with larger wire diameters and better relaxation resistance, oil-quenched springs should be used. Fire wire.
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