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Ferrules are used for a range of purposes from connecting hose parts to connecting tubing to different types of machinery.Its unique function of the ferrule is the result of careful selection of the right materials,precision machining and case-hardening to give it a hard exterior and a soft core.The ferrule thus not only “bite”into the pipe readily and superficially without causing surface cracks,but also maintains its spring action for repeated use with out loss of strength or seal qualities.The ferrule can then be dismantled and reassembled as often as necessary for the maintenance purpose,without weakening the joint or reducing the effectiveness of the seal in any way.Its benefit is that an unmatched degree of safety and reliability in oil hydraulics,pneumatics,instrumentation systems,high-pressure fuild systems and various other applications.

The Hydraulic Ferrule Fittings Manufacturer series is one of the main products of Yober.Under the guidance of market, Yober constantly strives for innovation. Hose Ferrules Customization has reliable quality, stable performance, good design, and great practicality.

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