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by:Yober     2020-05-29
Hydraulic fittings including hydraulic fittings pipe and one substantially frustoconical connecting component to pipe in the composition of the end of January. Connect some among the general, including a big frustoconical sealing surface along with the back of the much frustoconical. Connection part, punching or rolling to form the pipe end. A technique for producing hydraulic fittings, just like the expansion of an a part of the pipe end to produce a part of the expansion. Expanded part of the outside and inside the region, and then reduced by the stamping or rolling operation in order to create the back and a considerable number of frustoconical sealing surface, respectively. Hydraulic fittings accessories, including: a section; Andy substantially frustoconical connecting one end of one section, said sections of pipe.Hydraulic fittings parts manufacturing method includes: the expansion of one part of the approximation to an end; substantially reduced to 1 frustoconical rear part of the development in the region; andreducing an expanded part from the outer region into a substantially frustoconical sealing wall. Hydraulic fittings can be divided in the following categories: dynamic components: gear pumps, vane pumps, piston pump, screw pump; implementation of the components: hydraulic fittings cylinder, piston cylinder, piston cylinder, swing cylinder, hydraulic fittings cylinder combination; hydraulic fittings Motor: Gear type hydraulic fittings motor, blade hydraulic fittings motor, piston hydraulic motor; control components: directional control valve, check valve, valve; pressure control valves: relief valves, reducing valves, sequence valves, pressure switch, etcetera. ; flow control valve: the throttle valve, control valve, diversion valve; auxiliary components: accumulators, filters, coolers, heaters, tubing, fittings, tanks, pressure gauge, flow meters, seals, consequently on. Measures to reduce the hydraulic system noise. To reduce noise, the noise source must be the actual investigation, measurement of sound pressure level of hydraulic fittings system, a frequency analysis of noise sources to learn from length and width and frequency characteristics, get corresponding measures, specifically listed as follows: Low-noise motor; and make use of the flexible coupling, in order to reduce the vibration and noise caused by links; in motor, hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve installation surface should be set up anti-vibration pad; try to replace the pipe with a hydraulic fittings manifold block decrease vibration; with accumulator and rubber hose to reduce vibration caused by pressure pulse, the accumulator can absorb the noise below 10 Hz, while the high-frequency noise, with a hydraulic fittings hose is usually quite effective; use with sound-absorbing materials acoustic enclosures, hydraulic fittings hood can be effectively reduced noise; system should be set up air devices. Introduce some knowledge of hose fittings. First, DPJ external thread termination metal hose fixtures. Structure and characteristics: DPJ external thread termination is a metal hose fittings metal connector JB/GQ0552-83 D95-5 extension products; metal joints made from zinc alloy die casting, zinc plated, brushed, or chrome; compact structure, no porosity, high strength. And metal hose fittings connected and reliable, looks beautiful; this metal connector for that termination type, used to plug metal hose fittings box on the line; fit metal hose fittings: JS-type, JSH type, JSB type, JSHG type; recommended Inch metal hose fittings metal connector or metric thread; can customize all associated with non metal hose fittings , special metal connector. Followed by the metal connector sleeve DKJ. Structure and characteristics: DKJ sleeve type metal hose fittings, can no thread to connect the pipes and hoses, save threading process, simply screw in the can; metal joints made of zinc alloy die-casting, surface galvanized, frosted, or chrome; structure, the strength is high. Steel and metal hose connection reliability, aesthetic appearance; the metal connector for the card sets, metal hose used to touch base the pipes without threads above; fit metal hose: JS-type, JSH type, JSB type JSHG type; fit steel: thin steel wire tube, black and galvanized iron pipes (water, gas pipelines); use metal connectors DKJ card sets, please be aware that the specifications of hose pipe connection, volume.
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