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Quick Connectors

Hydraulic quick connector is a kind of quick connection or disconnection of pipeline without tools. 
It has four main structural forms: straight type, single closed type, double closed type, safe and leak-free type.The main materials are carbon steel, stainless steel and brass.
Straight Type: Since there is no one-way valve in this connection system, the maximum flow can be achieved while avoiding the flow variation caused by the valve.When the medium is fluid, such as water, straight through quick change connector is the ideal choice.When disconnecting, intermediate fluid transport must be stopped beforehand.
Single Closed Type: Single closed type quick change connector, plug body is straight through type.When the connection is broken, the one-way valve in the body of the connector is closed immediately, thus effectively preventing fluid leakage.Single closed quick change connector is an ideal choice for compressed air equipment.
Double Closed Type: When the double seal quick change connector is disconnected, the one-way valve at both ends of the connector is closed at the same time, while the medium is still retained in the pipeline, and the original pressure can be maintained.
Safety Leak-free Type: The valves in both the connector body and the plug body are flush, with minimum residual dead angle.This ensures that there is no leakage of media when the connection is disconnected.This design is especially suitable for corrosive media or sensitive environment, such as clean room, chemical plant, etc.

Quick Hydraulic Connector is described for extra heavy load, the data of the female connector is steel chrome plating, the maleconnector and the lock sleeve of the female connector have passed the hardening treatment,the pressure resistance and thefatigue resistance are good,choose the two-stage seal,no leakage,safety self-locking function. 

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