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Quick Couplings Of Joint-Related

by:Yober     2020-05-26
Quick couplings accessories including: nut, sleeve, flared cores, flared sleeve, flared aficionado. Classification of fittings: hydraulic hose, high pressure ball valve, intended odd quick couplings, sleeve-type pipe fittings, welded pipe fittings, underhand hose. Transition pipe joints, sleeve-type pipe fittings, tee pipe fittings, non-standard pipe fittings, flare fittings, right angle pipe joints, rotary pipe joints, quick fittings, stainless steel pipe fittings, copper fittings. Hydraulic fittings and the difference between ordinary fittings. Largest fairly a few significant difference undeniable fact that hydraulic pressure is stunning large, sudden burst of hydraulic oil pipeline is a big impact. Quick couplings, a pipeline can finished without tools connected or disconnected bones.Quick couplings can be divided into: air with quick couplings, quick couplings with oxy-fuel gas, gas liquids share quick coupling, hydraulic quick couplings, quick couplings through inert gas, cooling water temperature for the oil with quick couplings, semiconductors, fittings. Quick couplings is mainly used semiconductor semiconductor device semiconductor production equipment fluorine plastic resin. Material should be the main anti-corrosive metal or fluorine resin injection molding forming all resin objects. Precautions for using quick couplings happen to under the main aspects. Sealing material for the fluid in experimental melting analysis to look into the suitability of textiles. Control male threads, use Teflon sealing recorded argument. Do not install the screw tightening torque exceeds the maximum, to prevent causing damage. In order to reduce friction when inserted (insert load) and the protection of 'O' ring, in 'O' ring or a fast connection ('O' ring fold Department) on the fluid or water used in ideas for painting. Separation, because a small amount of fluid flow, in order to prevent dangerous can of compressed air to rapidly discharge the fluid within the joint, separation. Please avoid as a hinge joint. Please do not use outside of fast fluid connector. Do not carry out the hit man, bending, stretching, to prevent causing damage. Single casing or fast connection, please avoid the use of pressure, causing the valve to stop the fly. Monomer must specify the dust cover fitted. Do not remove the tie. Why do we use the fast connection that this kind of? There are many advantages of using rapid couplings, introduced listed. Save time and effort: The quick couplings split off and connected manifold, the experience is simple, saving your time and manpower. MPG: broken oil line, the quick couplings on the individual valve can be closed circuit, the oil will not flow, to avoid loss of hydraulic oil. Environmental protection: Quick couplings broken and connected, the oil will not spill leakage, protecting the environment. Equipment decentralized, convenient transport: need for large equipment or portable hydraulic tools, quick couplingss, after splitting the transport, the destination and then assembled to start using. Economy: All of the above advantages are coming up with economic value for customers. Quick joint utilization of the environment (please select suitable environment for the construction, material fast connection). Combination of environmental humidity, dust conditions, and easy to use environment corrosion, feel the selection of quick joint type, body material, seal material. Terms of hydraulic fittings, is the hydraulic system connecting pipe or pipes installed in the hydraulic components round the parts, a fluid pathway to total assembly and disassembly of the connection. Joints include: welded, ring style and glitter.
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