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Related properties and characteristics of quick couplings

by:Yober     2021-04-25

Quick joints have two structural forms: lift-closed at both ends and open at both ends.

There is a check valve core in the inner cavity of the quick connector body. When the two joint bodies are separated, the check valve core is pushed by the spring, so that the valve core is pressed tightly on the conical hole of the joint body to close the two The end passage prevents the medium from flowing out. When the two joint bodies are connected, the ejector rod at the front end of the one-way valve core collides, forcing the valve core to retreat and compress the spring to open the passage.

The connection of the two joint bodies uses 6 (or 8) steel balls on the joint body to fall into the v-shaped groove of the joint body. When working, the steel balls are pressed by the outer sleeve and cannot exit. The outer sleeve is The spring resists and remains at the right end position.

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