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by:Yober     2020-05-26
MATRIX COMSEC UNVEILS ETERNITY NE THE NEXT GENERATION IP-PBX FOR SMALL BUSINESSES Matrix Presents, ETERNITY NE The Next Generation IP-PBX to mature todays small into enterprises of the next day. ETERNITY NE supports all sought networks - POTS, GSM/UMTS and VoIP in integrated shopping cart.This offers the convenience and advantage to avail different network connectivity.The quick and recurring returns matter one of the most for small than others.Completely unbiased of the network a call arrives from, ETERNITY NE delivers seamless communication across all forms of extensions Mobile, IP, Digital and Analog extensions. ETERNITY NE is built with high-end features does not need an expertise to take care of and give good results. Easy to use and configure, the unit offers high performance and exceeds expectations. Highlighting critical considerations that went into designing of this product, Dhaval Bhagora, Product Manager of Matrix Comsec said, With commitment to get cutting-edge technology and incorporate innovative techniques, Matrix has added an integrated feature-rich IP-PBX in its ETERNITY array of IP-PBXs. ETERNITY NE is often a class-leading IP-PBX designed for ambitious companies aspiring to become enterprises of tomorrow. This will be the first product of its kind which offers IP-PBX functionality along classic network interfaces with which business can leverage advantage of the both world along with enterprise grade features. Compact and converged platform of ETERNITY NE provides integration to POTS, GSM, UMTS and VoIP networks and variety of user endpoints Analog, Digital, IP and Mobile additions.With advanced mobility solutions produced for Teleworkers and Field employees, ETERNITY NE seamlessly delivers all functionalities and features of IP-PBX.Teleworkers using PC based IP softphone or Field employees with GSM cellular phones can consult each other as well as office employees using Analog or Digital extensions with associated with use dialing extension numbers. Key Features of ETERNITY NE: GSM, UMTS, POTS and VoIP on a single platform Embedded SIP Registrar and Proxy Server Analog, Digital, IP and Mobile Extensions VoIP and GSM calls over UMTS (3G) Presence Indication and Im Integrated SMS Server Integrated Voicemail Compact Footprint Available in Four Variants With above unique features of the product, our expectations of market reaction are ambitious. Can be a product which can create an excitement among small businesses; they will experience the innovation of ETERNITY NE in comparison to its increase productivity of their employees, better call management, extended mobility and higher customer complete. We are launching ETERNITY NE worldwide to to offer the specific requirements of domestic and international markets.The major market we are targeting is Europe, North America, Africa and Middle-east.Partners will realize more interesting to recognize bundle of function comes in a compact form factor with industry standard RJ11 connector.ETERNITY NE product launch has created an excitement and amaze among the channel partners and providers across the globe.Thus Matrix ETERNITY NE promises in order to a real value for the money for firms that are predestined to grow as future enterprises.
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