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Several important factors of quick joint welding process

by:Yober     2021-04-13

The transverse shrinkage of quick joints is related to the weld metal weight per unit weld. Because the resistance of the weld transverse shrinkage increases with the increase of the amount of weld metal, the shrinkage produced during the first few welding passes is relatively large, while the shrinkage produced during the subsequent welding passes gradually decreases.

(1) As the root gap increases, the lateral shrinkage increases significantly, because when the root gap increases, the total amount of welds also increases.

(2) Groove form. Experiments show that the butt joints with single-sided v-grooves will produce greater lateral shrinkage compared with double-sided v-grooves. Part of the reason is the larger cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe weld of the v-shaped groove.

(3) The diameter of the electrode. As the diameter of the electrode increases, the amount of lateral shrinkage decreases. However, unless a large-diameter electrode is used in the first welding pass, the method of increasing the diameter of the electrode will not reduce the lateral shrinkage. The basic welding process is the same for hydraulic quick couplings, pneumatic quick couplings, and quick couplings.
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