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Specific installation steps of ferrule quick connector

by:Yober     2021-04-15

1 Saw the seamless steel pipe of suitable length to remove the burrs at the ports. The end surface of the pipe should be perpendicular to the axis, and the angle tolerance should not be greater than 0.5°. If the pipe needs to be bent, the length of the straight line from the end of the pipe to the bend shall not be less than three times the length of the nut.

2 Set the nut and ferrule on the seamless steel pipe. Pay attention to the direction of the nut and ferrule, do not install it backwards.

3 Apply lubricating oil on the thread and ferrule of the pre-assembled joint body, insert the pipe into the joint body, and tighten the nut by hand (the pipe must be inserted to the end).

4 Tighten the nut until the ferrule catches the pipe. This turning point can be felt by the increase in tightening torque (pressure point).

5 After reaching the pressure point, tighten the compression nut 1/2 turn.

6 Remove the pre-assembled joint body and check the embedding of the edge of the ferrule. The visible protruding band should fill the space on the end of the ferrule. The ferrule can be rotated slightly, but it cannot be moved axially.

7 Installation Apply lubricating oil to the thread of the joint body in the actual installation, and tighten the compression nut until the tightening force increases. Then tighten 1/2 turn to complete the installation.
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