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Stainless steel quick couplings make pressure test more convenient

by:Yober     2021-04-28

The production of quick couplings often brings great convenience to people's production and life. For example, the pressure test step is the key to the installation of water pipes. The pressure test is to simulate the impact of water pressure on water pipe quick joints and other materials during normal use, so as to test the performance of water pipes and other materials.

The performance of quick couplings and the tightness of installation.

Before the pressure test, after completing the steps of plugging all the plugs and closing the inlet main valve, you can remove a plug to connect to the pressure tester. The pressure tube of the test press is connected with the copper thread of the water pipe, and the raw material belt is usually wound around the foot and tightened. However, in actual situations, once the winding is not in place or not tightened, it will affect the pressure test and cause the water seepage pressure to drop quickly.

Baixin Pipe Fittings launched this quick coupling to reduce the interference factors during the pressure test. At the same time, the use of quick couplings during pressure test is also to reduce the difficulty of pressure test for the majority of hydraulic engineers, make pressure test more convenient and improve pressure test efficiency.

Quick connectors of different specifications can connect two interfaces differently to form a line.

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