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Subjects: About Pneumatic Fittings

Subjects: About Pneumatic Fittings


The copper fitting is a kind of fitting which can connect or disconnect pipelines without tools.The quick fittings can be divided into: quick joints for air, quick joints for oxygen fuel gas, quick joints for gas and liquid sharing, quick joints for oil pressure, quick joints for inert gas, quick fittings for cooling water temperature and oil, quick fittings for semiconductor.Mainly used for air piping, pneumatic tools accessories.Corresponding to its use, there are a variety of ontology materials, sizes and installation shapes.

n  Pneumatic fitting is mainly used for air piping and pneumatic tool fittings.Corresponding to its use, there are a variety of ontology materials, sizes and installation shapes.

n  Cautions: Do not use for purposes other than fluid.Do not use in fluids other than fluids.

n  Do not exceed high pressure when using.

n  Do not use outside the temperature range, to prevent the deformation of the sealing material, easy to cause the formation of leakage.

n  Do not strike, bend, stretch or break.

n  Do not use in places mixed with metal dust or sand dust. The quick joint can be used here under very bad working conditions and has a long service life.

If attached sundries will cause poor work or leakage.Do not remove the quick connector.

The fitting form of air pipe fittings:

A. Clamping type pipe fittings, mainly suitable for cotton thread braided rubber hose;

B. Clamped pipe joints, mainly suitable for non-ferrous metal pipes and hard nylon pipes;

C. Insert pipe joints, mainly suitable for nylon pipes and plastic pipes.

2. Type of pneumatic fittings: bend Angle, right Angle, perforating plate, tee, tee, etc. Users can choose according to their needs.

3. There are three nominal methods for the interfaces of pipe fittings:

A. According to the nominal diameter of the pipeline connected, commonly known as "diameter", pay attention to the inner diameter of the pipe when choosing clamp type pipe joint and clamp type pipe joint;The outside diameter of the pipe should be paid attention to when choosing the insert pipe joint.Often used in three, four - way branch joint.

B. This type of joint is not commonly used according to the nominal joint thread of the joint.

C. This type of joint is commonly used for the inlet and outlet of pneumatic components, according to the nominal pipe size and joint thread combination nominal.

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