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Subjects: Applications of Pneumatic Fittings

Subjects: Applications of Pneumatic Fittings


Pneumatic quick connector is a kind of quick connector mainly used for air piping and pneumatic tools. It can connect or disconnect pipes without tools.

The fittings of the pneumatic fittings can be a restriction endonuclease recognition site fragment, or it can use terminal transferase to attach an oligonucleotide of DG and DC or DT and DA tail to the end of the carrier and the double chain, and form a recombinant plasmid after annealing, which can be transformed into host bacteria for amplification.

Quick connector for connection of pneumatic tools such as air pipeline, air compressor, grinding machine, air drill, impact wrench, air screw driver, etc.

Notes for pneumatic fittings:

-- Please do not use outside of quick fluid connections.

-- Do not apply to fluids other than suitable fluids.

-- Please do not connect with other company's fast fluid connector.

-- Do not exceed high operating pressure.

-- Do not use outside the operating temperature range to prevent wear or leakage of the sealing material.

-- Do not beat, bend, stretch or cause damage.

-- Do not use in places mixed with metal powder or sand dust to prevent poor performance or leakage.

--If the attachment of sundries will cause poor work or leakage.

--Do not remove the quick connector.

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