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Subjects: Composition of Hydraulic Hose Fitting Assembly

Subjects: Composition of Hydraulic Hose Fitting Assembly


It is mainly classified according to working pressure range and connection form of hose and fittings.

n  Classification according to working pressure range:

1. The low pressure working pressure under 3MPa, mainly cotton thread (fiber) woven hydraulic hose, mainly used to control the oil, automotive brake pipeline and some hydraulic machine tools.

2.  Medium pressure working pressure between 3-10mpa, mainly steel wire woven 1/2 large diameter (over 25) hydraulic hose, mainly used for medium and low pressure oil and oil circuit

3.  High-pressure work pressure between 10-31.5 MPa, mainly steel wire armouredunder 25,, type and steel wire winding pipe, it is mainly used for high pressure system.

4. Ultra-high pressure working pressure above 31.5MPa, mainly wire woven 31.5 diameter steel wire winding pipe below, with the development of ultra-high pressure high-power hydraulic machinery, the demand for it is increasing.

n  Classification according to the connection mode of rubber hose and fittings:

1. The fitting assembly with detachable type and buckled type is the pre-equipped rubber tube and connection, and the outer shell of the fitting is forced to shrink to a certain size in the cold state to make the connection between the rubber tube and the fitting reliable.

2. Removable assembly, the fitting and hose is through the core of the outer cone compression hose inner layer, make it close to the inner cone of the fitting sleeve.

3. That is by the core and the fitting between the formation of the cone gap, at the same time the pressure of the inner and outer rubber layer to connect, but the connection quality is not stable, so the domestic professional manufacturers generally use compression type.

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