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Subjects: High-pressure Screw-On Quick Connect Couplings

Subjects: High-pressure Screw-On Quick Connect Couplings


Screw-on quick couplings are generally used in high pressure and high pulse conditions. Internal parts for high-voltage applications ensure maximum safety and reliability.

The rotating parts of the rotary fittings, the fixed parts, the fixed ring and the plug, the rotary parts are dynamically sealed with solid parts, and the rotary coupling is provided with dynamic guiding channels and dynamic guiding channels, which are independent of the axial parallel arrangement. The channel is connected to the dynamic side channel and the radial side of the dynamic side channel, and the dynamic side channel and the dynamic side channel of the rotary fittings are separated from the static guide channel provided on the fixed member, the static guide channel is connected, and the static guide channel of the rotary joint Is static. The sealing ring groove is arranged between the outside and the outside of the diversion channel; the retaining ring groove is arranged at the end of the rotating part of the rotary joint, and the retaining ring is installed in the retaining ring groove, which is determined by the restriction of the snap ring.

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(1) The screw-on fittings must be carefully assembled before assembly, including inspection of rotary joint defects and dimensional accuracy. Whether the assembly needs to avoid the functional effects of the components that are affected by the assembly.

   (2) Clean the parts before assembling the screw-on fittings and fill it with the required lubricating oil (fat). Rotary fittings and precision bearing are installed on high rigid shaft.

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