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Subjects: New Products of Carbon Steel Hydraulic Fittings

Subjects: New Products of Carbon Steel Hydraulic Fittings


Product Name:Hydraulic Quick Coupler 


1. Coupling:steel(zinc chromate plating)

2.Nipple:high grade carbon steel with heat treated wear parts

3.Wide Variety of Materials Available, we can design and change the coupling


1. Can be used for any type of industrial applications because of the broad range of materials seals and end configurations.

2. Body seal steel and stainless steel versions feature PTFE back-up ring which prevents seal washout at high flow rates brass couplers have a double ensure and vacuum applications.

3. The durable-ball-locking mechanism ensures a reliable connection every time.

4. Captive valve seal assures poppet sealing the valve seal is positively captured by the metal poppet to minimize seal washout or
damage from high velocity fluid.

5.Dust caps available, female pipe and BSPP or NPT tread are available upon request
Connectable with male and female under pressure-one step connection.

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