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Subjects: Notes for installation of ferrule hose fitting

Subjects: Notes for installation of ferrule hose fitting


Hydraulic hose fitting has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use and non-welding.But in the medium and high pressure hydraulic systems, if the operation is improper, it will often cause leakage, affecting its popularization.The pre-installation of clip tube joint is an important link, which directly affects the reliability of sealing.Special preloaders are usually required.Small diameter joints can be preinstalled on the bench pliers.The specific approach is to use a connector body as the matrix, the nut, sleeve pressure on the pipe can be.There are mainly bayonet straight pipe connector,bayonet end straight through connector, bayonet three-way pipe connector and other types.

---Do not add sealant and other fillers.Some people in order to achieve better sealing effect, on the card sleeve coated with sealant, sealant was flushed Into the hydraulic system, causing hydraulic components damping hole blockage and other faults.

---When connecting the pipe, the pipe should have enough deformation margin to avoid the pipe from tensile stress.

---When connecting the pipeline, the lateral force should be avoided, which will cause loose sealing.

---When connecting the pipeline, it should be tight at one time to avoid multiple disassembly, otherwise the sealing performance will be poor.

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