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Subjects: Prevent Hydraulic Shock By Means Of Electrical Control

Subjects: Prevent Hydraulic Shock By Means Of Electrical Control


1) Start the hydraulic valve when the electromagnetic valve control signal output first, and then flow control signal output system pressure, hydraulic valve closed to reset the system pressure control signal, and then close the hydraulic valve control signal, so that you can ensure switch when hydraulic valve system environment is mortgaged or no pressure, can effectively reduce the hydraulic impact.

In this process to increase the delay link is generally 0.1 seconds (100 milliseconds) is appropriated, because the corresponding time of the hydraulic system is generally 10 milliseconds level, time too long will affect the corresponding speed of the system, time is too short to reduce the purpose of hydraulic impact.

2) The effective and flexible use of proportional pressure flow signal output slope can greatly improve the stability and control accuracy of the hydraulic system.

Adoption of prevention electric hydraulic impact problem is relatively simple, convenient and efficient, the advantages of no need of hydraulic system to adjust more, but its biggest flaw is to reduce the corresponding velocity of system, and can't solve the problem of all of the hydraulic impact, so want to fundamentally solve the problem of hydraulic impact needs to start from the hydraulic circuit and hydraulic components.

In the design of the hydraulic system, it can also reduce the change of liquid flow rate by shortening the length of the pipeline,reducing unnecessary bending or using hoses with the effect of removing the impact force, so as to help reduce the instantaneous pressure when the reversing valve is closed, so as to prevent the occurrence of hydraulic impact.The structure of hydraulic components can be improved according to the specific hydraulic circuit and working conditions, and various auxiliary hydraulic components can also be added in the hydraulic circuit.

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