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Subjects: The Flared Fittings Features

Subjects: The Flared Fittings Features


37° flaring fittings

The 37° flaring pipe fittings and the clip sleeve fittings are the two most widely used pipe fittings in the hydraulic industry.

-- The 37° flaring pipe fitting is suitable for both the standard British steel pipe (1/8 ' '-2'), the flaring pipe joint, and the metric steel pipe (3mm-50mm).

-- The flaring method cannot process the steel pipe with a large wall thickness, so the pressure resistance of the 37° flaring pipe fitting is limited.

-- The rubber insulation parts of flaring pipe fitting are generally made of imported silicon rubber and the shells are made of high-strength copper.The working pressure of the flaring tube fitting depends on the allowable pressure of the pipe, which is generally 3.5-16mpa.

-- Technical conditions for flaring pipe joints are applicable to the general requirements for the use of hydraulic and pneumatic systems in industrial equipment and commercial products.Flaring type hose fitting is a kind of quick connecting fitting suitable for all kinds of steel tubes and copper tubes with nominal pressure no more than 32MPa.

-- When connecting pipelines, assembly shall be carried out according to the specified tightening force.

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