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The Hydraulic Fittings of Several Components

by:Yober     2021-04-05
Hydraulic fittings are definitely the following.
First introduced the tank, which is a kind of hydraulic fittings. Is the output force as well as the hydraulic fittings cylinder piston and the effective area is proportional to be successful difference on all parties of the linear motion-type actuators. Its function is to convert hydraulic fittings energy into mechanical energy. Input hydraulic fittings cylinder is fluid flow and pressure, the output is straight line velocity and force. To complete the hydraulic fittings cylinder piston reciprocating motion, the creation of the linear displacement is limited.
Hydraulic cylinder could be the hydraulic fittings energy is converted to reciprocating linear motion of the mechanical energy of sunshine conversion device. Basically, the hydraulic fittings cylinder and cylinder head, piston and piston rod, seals, cushioning device and the exhaust composition. Buffer device and the exhaust depending on the specific application of the occasion, other appliances are indispensable.
Tanks have their effect?
Track-type hydraulic fittings lifting platform is often a non-hydraulic scissor lift platform for two, three industrial plants, restaurants transport of goods between floors, for a minimum height of just 150-300mm, ideal because of not digging Hang the economic situation, the upper suspension points in the same time don't have many forms (single column, double columns, four columns), is smooth, easy operation and reliable, hydraulic fittings, electrical multiple protection, in order transmission between floors of the economy, easily.
SJZ fixed platform lift is mainly used for loading and unloading stations, docks, warehouses, loading and unloading operations need to place, especially for long-term handling agencies do not allow the ground to set the place; and trucks, pushing the truck with the involving machinery such as loading and unloading, will make your operating efficiency is greatly improved, scissors arm with box structure, the safety factor higher in comparison with normal value.
Pressure cylinder likewise very important kind of hydraulic fittings.Hydraulic fittings and hose fittings manufacturer. Ningbo Yinzhou Liujin Hydraulic Equipment Factory is a specialized domestic factory with hydraulic pipes production experience.
Pressurized cylinder system to a pressurized hydraulic fittings cylinder and a cylinder for one connected with binding, and to pure pressure-driven, use of booster piston area ratio of the size, will increase pressure of the reduced tens of times, oil pressure cylinder used to have the higher strength of hydraulic fittings cylinder.
Pre-compression pressure cylinder two stroke points, the first paragraph for the low-voltage trip, first introduced with the workpiece touch tank, and subsequently to the second paragraph of the high pressure stroke. Direct compression pressure cylinder only a short trip, the entire trip are high pressure. Pre-compression pressure cylinder with the longer trip, usually 10 ~ 200mm, then with 5 ~ 20mm high-pressure trip; direct compression pressure cylinder from a shorter trip, the 5 ~ 20mm of high-pressure airline flight.
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