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The main reason for the leakage of the quick connector

by:Yober     2021-04-18

The main reason for the air leakage of the quick connector: it is because of the deformation and damage of the sealing ring.

The material of the sealing ring is ordinary rubber, shaped like a rectangular washer.

1. Sharing a sealing ring, no matter if the air is closed or deflated. Both sides of the sealing ring are under pressure respectively, and the rubber ring is seriously deformed and easily damaged; when the air is closed, under the combined action of spring force and high-pressure gas, the rubber soft joint and the bowl-shaped sealing ring are in linear contact. The sealing pressure is increased and it is not easy to leak. At the same time, the bowl-shaped sealing net is backed by a seat with a positioning flange, which is not easy to shift and has little deformation.

When ventilating, the male connector opens the valve core. The function of the quick connector is not only to connect the air source conveniently and quickly, but also to be safe and reliable.

In our country, whether it is the automobile manufacturing industry, home appliance manufacturing companies, or self-employed repairers, a large number of compressed air is used as a power source, therefore, air quick connectors are used. It can be said that as long as there is power, it will be used, and if it is not used for a long time, it will leak, which will waste energy and increase production costs.

2. The end face of the male end of the rubber soft joint is in contact with the end face of the rubber ring, and the sealing pressure is relatively small. In addition, if the end face is not flat, it is easy to leak.
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