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The temperature difference configuration of the rotary joint

by:Yober     2021-04-08

When using a rotary joint, we first ask the customer about its use environmental conditions, temperature, air pressure, speed, etc. The general use condition temperature is between 30 and 80 degrees. It is suitable for water and acidic media. It can work well in this environment, and it can also work in a high-temperature environment. The high-temperature conditions are divided into the following types:

1, between 100-150 degrees, we generally use graphite ring for sealing under this condition;

2. 150-220 degrees, if the medium becomes heat-conducting oil, the accessories should be replaced with PTFE rings at this time, and the springs need to be replaced with 55 screw gauges. The springs can not lose their elasticity below 260 degrees to compensate Will not be damaged;

3. If the temperature continues to rise in the working environment of 220-300 degrees, then the upper antimony sealing ring, PTFE laminated ring should be used, and the spring needs to be replaced with a spring of 631 material, and the antimony ring can be used. It works normally at a temperature of 400 degrees, and the spring is the same.

There is a special case of cooling water with a temperature below 0 degrees. This working environment requires graphite seals, stainless steel springs, and the connecting shaft also needs to be made of stainless steel. Otherwise, it will be produced after a period of use. Rust, so when choosing a rotary joint, you must choose the right one in order to give full play to its due effect and improve production efficiency.

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