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The working principle and function of rotary joint

by:Yober     2021-04-10

Do you know the working principle and function of rotary joints? I believe that many of my friends don’t know it well, so let’s briefly introduce it to everyone and let’s take a look! The working principle is that the circulating medium plays a sealing role.

For example, if the temperature of the screw extruder is too high, the circulating water needs to flow in the screw to take away the heat. At this time, the rotary joint serves as the connection between the screw and the water supply pipe. The function of the rotary joint is to transport the liquid from one side of the pipeline to the rotating or reciprocating device, and then discharge from the device.

However, when installing the connector, you should pay attention to the following:

1. In the process of transportation and storage, it is necessary to avoid impact as much as possible, otherwise it will damage the data interface and internal parts;

2. When installing threaded rotary joints, pay attention to whether the threads of the inner and outer pipes correspond to the direction of rotation of the drum, and the direction of thread rotation of the inner and outer pipes should also be consistent.

3. Use hose links between joints and pipes to prohibit rigid links; different types of connections can also be set according to the specific structure of the equipment.
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