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Three correct selection and use methods of quick couplings

by:Yober     2021-04-27

Everyone who believes has heard of the quick connector, so what exactly is it? Quick joint is a joint that can realize pipeline connection or disconnection without tools. Quick couplings can be divided into: quick couplings for air, quick couplings for oxygen fuel gas, quick couplings for gas and liquid sharing, and other products. Do you know the 3 correct selection and use methods of quick couplings?

1. Determine the joint according to the type and temperature of the fluid. The type and temperature of the fluid have a great influence on the quality of the joint, so the selection should be adapted to local conditions. If the fluid is air, you can choose a quick coupling made of steel. If the fluid is a liquid, you can choose a quick coupling made of brass or stainless steel.

2. Select the appropriate joint according to the pressure of the fluid. The pressure of the fluid is also the key to the selection of stainless steel quick couplings. The pressure resistance of joints of different structures is different.

The correct use of quick connectors:

1. Conditions. Humidity, dust and corrosion in the working environment have a great influence on the performance of the joint. Before use, we should select the appropriate quick coupling based on the characteristics of the type, body material, and sealing material of the stainless steel quick coupling.

2. Installation. Determine the type of joint according to the size of the fluid, and at the same time, it should be equipped with piping of the corresponding shape and size. Make sure that the selected quick connector link threads must be the same. When connectors from different vendors appear during use, the female and male connectors of the same vendor must be used together. If you must use them crosswise, you must consult the technical personnel of the product supplier before operation. Use it after confirming it.

3. Use. Quick couplings should not exceed the maximum operating pressure limit under working conditions, and the temperature, humidity, and susceptibility to corrosion of the working environment should also be controlled within the scope of use. Do not damage the quick couplings deliberately. If there are problems with the couplings, you should find a technician to repair them in time. Do not disassemble them at will.

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