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Tips for removing all kinds of dirt on the quick coupling

by:Yober     2021-04-26

Hardware products are bright and stylish, but they are also easily stained. For example, quick couplings are small and convenient, but the types of dirt on quick couplings are more diverse, including oil, grease, fingerprints, metal powder, and some watermarks, etc. Wait.

If we want to clean them all at once, we need a comprehensive cleaning agent, usually water-based cleaning agent is recommended. There are many types of water-based cleaners on the market, such as CLF-700 and so on. The cleaning agent selected is different according to the material of the workpiece.

For example, quick couplings rely on volume, so the batch size of cleaning is very important. In response to this requirement, the cleaning method can be immersed or ultrasonic cleaning.

The immersion method is very simple. Take the stainless steel cleaning agent mentioned above as an example. Dilute the stainless steel cleaning agent with 50-60 degree hot water into 5% working fluid. After that, a mesh basket is used to load the stainless steel quick connector, and it is directly immersed in the cleaning working fluid. After 1-2 minutes, lift the cleaning basket up and down to play a role of washing. Then soak for another 1-2 minutes, then wash again and take it out. Then rinse with clean water several times to remove the cleaning liquid on the surface. Then, remove water and dry the stainless steel quick connector.

There are two important points to note. One is the overwater after washing. The principle of washing clothes is similar. It takes one or two more times to remove the washing liquid. On the other hand, there are many impurities in tap water, which will leave a circle of watermarks after drying. If the surface of the quick connector has high requirements, pure water should be used when rinsing with water.

Ultrasonic cleaning is the same as the immersion process, except that ultrasonic cleaning is used for enhanced cleaning in cleaning and removing dirt. It should be pointed out that ultrasonic is only to help strengthen the cleaning effect, and the key to the good cleaning of the quick coupling is the cleaning agent.

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