We professionally supply high quality hose and fittings.

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What about the technology used by Yober?
The technology embraced by Suzhou Yober Environmental Tech Co.,Ltd. now is the most appropriate. The investment into technology is very huge annually. In the future, we'll update the technology in order to keep up with the world's development.

Yober supplies to design and manufacture complete ranges of hydraulic ferrule. Yober's hydraulic fittings series contains multiple sub-products. Its quality meets the design specifications and customer's requirements. The product can be used repeatedly without loss of strength or sacrifice of sealing quality. When I bought this product, I think it can last for a long time. So far, I couldn't find any failure happened on my machine. - - Said one of our customers. This product doesn't harbor germs, making it popular in kitchens, food, and beverage processing factories.

Our positive commitment to socially and environmentally responsible practices define the way we operate. All of our facilities employ strict energy management and waste-minimization procedures, following the principles of lean manufacturing.
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