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What are the selection conditions for quick couplings?

by:Yober     2021-04-27

Quick joint is a joint that can realize pipeline connection or disconnection without tools. Quick couplings can be divided into: quick couplings for air, quick couplings for oxygen fuel gas, quick couplings for gas and liquid, quick couplings for oil pressure, quick couplings for inert gas, quick couplings for cooling water and temperature oil, and semiconductor quick couplings.

What are the selection conditions for quick couplings?

1. The pressure of the liquid (please select a quick coupling suitable for the pressure resistance of the fluid pressure)

The pressure of the fluid is also the key to selecting a quick coupling. The quick couplings for hydraulic pressure are between 5.0Mpa (51kgf/cm²;) and 68.6Mpa (700kgf/cm²;) to form a series. Corresponding to the pressure characteristics, the structure of the quick couplings is also different.

2. The type and temperature of the fluid (please select a quick connector suitable for the type and temperature of the fluid and the material of the body and the sealing material). According to the fluid, the suitable body material and sealing material are different. For example, the quick connector is air. It is recommended to be made of steel, or brass or stainless steel if it is water.

3. The structure of the automatic opening and closing valve (please select the quick coupling of the valve structure suitable for piping purposes) For the structure of the valve, there are two-way switch type, one-way switch type and two-way open type. Except for the two-way switch type, fluid flows out of the piping during separation. So please pay attention.

4. The use environment of the quick coupling (please select the quick coupling of the structure and material suitable for the use environment), considering the use environment of the use environment such as humidity conditions, dust conditions, and easy corrosion, etc., to consider the selection of the quick coupling type, body material, sealing material.

5. Confirm that the selected quick connector connection thread should be consistent

In the process of using different brands of products, the female and male heads of the same merchant should be used together. If you must cross-use, consult the technical staff of the product supplier before use, and use it after confirmation.

6, the shape and size of the installation

Please determine the type and material of the quick coupling, and specify the assembly shape and size corresponding to the piping characteristics. Please note that size is related to fluid flow.

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