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What are the structure and use of tie rod quick connectors?

by:Yober     2021-04-29

Stainless steel screen is a joint that can realize pipeline connection or disconnection without tools. Quick couplings can be divided into tie rod quick couplings, air quick couplings, oxygen fuel gas quick couplings, gas and liquid common quick couplings, oil pressure quick couplings, inert gas quick couplings, cooling water temperature oil quick couplings, semiconductor quick couplings Connector.

Usage and structure analysis of stainless steel screen tube pull rod type quick joint: The use of pull rod type quick joint: It is suitable for the quick connection of various fluid soft and hard pipes, and is composed of internal and external threads and male and female parts. A wide selection of materials, reinforced aluminum alloy, copper alloy, stainless steel, nylon plastic, etc., is widely used in the field of petrochemical chemical transportation.

Structure of tie rod type quick joint:

Tie rod type quick joints are divided into male and female heads

The male head is inserted into the female head in an arc shape, and the bottom end of the female head has a gasket. Rely on pulling or pressing the handles on both sides of the female head (smaller sizes only have a handle on one side) to squeeze and fix the male head on the gasket to form a seal. The stainless steel screen is small and simple, but its function is not that small. It can link two materials with different properties and act as a bridge.

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