We professionally supply high quality hose and fittings.

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What honors has Yober obtained?
Under the Suzhou Yober Environmental Tech Co.,Ltd. brand, we deliver shared value to customers by acting sustainably and responsibly. Over the years, our company and the employees have received top awards and recognition. They boost our company's reputation, setting us "apart from the crowd." They also give our team morale a boost by highlighting team and individual achievements. All of these honors demonstrate our commitment to customers. We treasure these achievements. They inspire us to continue leading with purpose as we grow the company.

Yober is a quality hydraulic ferrule provider. Yober's hydraulic ferrule series contains multiple sub-products. The design of Yober hydraulic hose fittings and adapters is professionally done. It is the outcome of the art of decoration and science which shows harmonious unification of the kitchen. Made of quality steel materials, it features good electrical conductivity or insulation. The product has passed multiple strict quality inspection process. The product needs no brazing or specialized bending.

Currently, we are committed to getting more customers. Under this, we change the way we get along with our customers. We improve customer engagement, reassess our service solution, and developing products more targeted. In this way, we are confident to get big-name customers.
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