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What is the connection method of the quick connector?

by:Yober     2021-04-22

I believe everyone is familiar with the quick connector. Its existence greatly simplifies our life. Below we briefly introduce the two connection methods of the quick connector:

1, single-circuit open and close type

When not connected, when the ferrule of the mother body is moved to the other side, the bead of the stainless steel quick connector can roll outward on its own, and the child body is bounced by the reaction effect of the spring, and it can move on its own Turn off to block its flow. When connecting, when the child body is inserted on the side of the mother body where the ferrule exists, it is opened to make it flow, and the washer is pushed back to the starting place by the effect of the spring, and its beads will be locked to ensure the connection of the child/parent body , The gasket inside can completely block its leakage.

2, open at both ends

When it is not connected, when the mother body’s ferrule is pushed to the other side, it will roll outward on its own, so the child body is moved out; because the child body and the mother body do not exist, it will Will flow out towards the outside. When the child body is inserted into the mother body, it will be pushed to the original place by the effect of the spring so that the steel ball will lock and flow. The O-ring is used to prevent liquid leakage.

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