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What matters should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of rotary joints?

by:Yober     2021-04-11

1. When the rotary joint is found to be leaking, stop checking the cause of the leak in time to avoid damage to parts.

2. Please fill the oil regularly with the oil filling device. The rotary joint without oil filling device requires no maintenance except regular observation for fluid leakage of the rotary joint caused by wear. Do not operate for long periods of time. Long-term operation without fluid flow will increase seal wear, and excessively fast operation will cause spark corrosion.

3. When the rotary joint fails, please stop the operation quickly, and ask professionals to be present to guide the maintenance. When disassembling, please confirm that the fluid in the rotary joint is completely discharged, there is no pressure, and the temperature is completely reduced before disassembling.

4. When starting the rotary joint, and when starting to flow into steam, hot oil and other high-temperature pressure fluids, increase the rotation speed, pressure and temperature to avoid thermal expansion and cold contraction caused by sudden changes in temperature, which may lead to leakage of the rotary joint, and Check if there is any abnormal rotation.

5. Don't leave it for a long time after stopping operation. It may cause bad consequences due to rust, etc. During regular maintenance of the equipment, check the wear and thickness changes of the sealing surface of the rotary joint. Normal wear is 5-10mm. Observe the friction track of the sealing surface to see if there are three-point discontinuities or scratches.

If it is severely worn or scratched, replace it immediately. It is a company that mainly produces high-pressure rotary joints, high-speed rotary joints, high-temperature rotary joints, imported rotary joints, quick-change joints, quick joints, metal hoses, pipeline compensators, sealing stacks, R-shaped expansion rings, syphons, and flowmeters , Water delivery valve and other sealing products.
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