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What points should be done to maintain the rotary joint?

by:Yober     2021-04-09

Any product needs to be maintained during use, which can reduce the failure rate and extend its service life. Then, what points should be maintained for the rotary joint?

1. When the medium is not connected, it should be avoided idling or running for a long time. Long-term downtime of the machine may cause it to rust and be damaged, which may cause the machine to jam or leak when it starts.

2. The media inlet and outlet of the rotary joint need to use hoses. It is recommended to use flexible metal bellows. It cannot be pulled too tightly or too loosely, nor can it be replaced by a steel pipe.

3. It is not recommended to install other accessories directly at the inlet and outlet of the medium. If you need to add accessories, you can add them to the back of the hose and above the pipe. When installing the rotary joint fixed support device, make sure that it swings freely.

4. If the concentricity of the rotating shaft is too poor when rotating, it should be stopped immediately, replaced in time and found out the cause of the problem to prevent safety accidents and injuries.

5. Choose a qualified rotary joint according to the conditions of use.

6. The fixed rotary joint with inner tube has outer tube and inner tube. During installation and design, attention should be paid to determining the rotation direction of the inner tube and the outer tube, selecting the appropriate length of the inner tube, and considering the weight of the joint and the siphon effect.

7. When using threaded rotary joints, pay attention to the thread specifications and whether they are correct, and whether the length between the lock shaft heads is sufficient.

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