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What types of interfaces does the rotary joint have?

by:Yober     2021-04-08

There are many types of rotary joints, and their interfaces are also diverse. What types are there?

1. O-ring seal interface hydraulic rotary joint adopts O-ring seal interface. If the assembly is not in place or the elastic deformation is insufficient, it is easy to leak. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a sufficient deformation interface and professional assembly to prevent leakage.

2. The ferrule-type interface The rotary joint adopts the ferrule-type interface, which is mainly due to the leakage caused by the impact of external force. It is necessary to check whether the ferrule is deformed due to external force and restore it to avoid external force intrusion. It is the main method to prevent such leaks.

3. Flaring interface The reason for the leakage of the flaring interface type is due to the deformation or cracks of the flaring. The front end of the flaring joint can be cut off, and the flaring can be performed again. At the same time, it is sufficient to grind the damaged cone surface.

4. Hose interface Hose joints generally include low carbon steel cardboard, wool felt, combined sealing gasket or sealing rubber tube, oil-resistant rubber sheet; first check whether the seal is damaged or deformed, aging and rough, and then proceed according to the specific situation Repair or replace.

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