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Which stainless steel quick coupling manufacturer has an advantage in price?

by:Yober     2021-04-30

From the perspective of ease of use, quick couplings have appeared in fluid systems. The quick connector is a fluid connection mechanism that can realize quick connection, disassembly and assembly without the use of tools. However, due to different use environments, different materials need to be used, so stainless steel quick couplings need to be used for corrosive media environments.

Although stainless steel materials are not easy to be corroded, and they are not easy to rust, in order to prolong their life, we should use them correctly. We should pay attention to the following points during use:

Stainless steel quick coupling

1. Understand and select quick couplings with appropriate pressure-temperature ratings.

2. The quick coupling and its sealing material must be compatible with the fluid. Therefore, considering the comprehensive cost and reliability, the stainless steel quick coupling of the appropriate material should be selected.

3. The normal fluid flow is from the parent body to the child body of the joint.

4. For systems that have strict requirements on safety and tightness, the valve body seal of the quick coupling is only used as a secondary seal, and a shut-off valve must be installed in front of the joint as a seal.

5. When in use, do not frequently rotate between the mother body and the child body of the quick connector to avoid damage to the sealing ring.

6. Regularly lubricate and maintain the seal ring in the quick connector.

7. Prevent hard foreign objects from entering or exiting the connector. If the fluid is not clean, install a filter in front of the quick connector.

8. If the parent body and the child body of the quick connector are often separated, a protective device can be installed to prevent the entry of foreign matter.

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