We professionally supply high quality hose and fittings.

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Why should I turn to Yober?
Suzhou Yober Environmental Tech Co.,Ltd. has a number of competitive advantages over other brands. In this highly competitive society, we believe that innovation is the driving force for brand's development and growth, so we have established our own professional R&D team to develop new Yober models to keep up with the trend. A professional service team of our experienced staff is highly recognized by our clients for their skills and professional considerations.

Yober is an export-oriented enterprise specializing in manufacture of hydraulic adapter. Yober's hydraulic hose fitting series contains multiple sub-products. our team hydraulic hose fittings and adapters has passed many quality tests. It is certified under both domestic and international standards such as CE, UL, CCC, and GOST. It can be customized with no-skive function, enabling assembly quicker and reducing the risk of hose damage during crimping. Its quality has been well controlled by strictly conducting quality control system. It allows for movement between components of the equipment.

We build customer loyalty by delivering consistently high performance in all areas of the customer relationship, with a focus on active listening and effective two-way communication; providing a timely response and proactively taking the initiative to anticipate needs.
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